"Darnell Moore is one of the most influential black writers and thinkers of our time--a beautiful, intentionally complex feminist activist writing liberatory futures. I cannot wait for the world to read No Ashes in the Fire."―Janet Mock, author of Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty

"Darnell Moore is doing something we've never seen in American literature. He's not just texturing a life, a place, and a movement while all three are in flux; Darnell is memorializing and reckoning with a life, place, and movement that are targeted by the worst parts of our nation. He never loses sight of the importance of love, honesty, and organization on his journey. We need this book more than, or as much as we've needed any book this century."―Kiese Laymon, author of How To Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America

"Radical black love is the major force for black freedom, as so powerfully embodied and enacted in Darnell Moore's courageous book. From Camden, New Jersey, as a youth, to Brooklyn, New York, as an adult, Moore takes us on his torturous yet triumphant journey through racist and homophobic America. Don't miss his inspiring story!"

― Dr. Cornel West 





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Black Men Loving Black Men Is A Revolutionary Act

“I tend to think black men who refuse to date other black men do so because they’ve put their faith in a logic of black inferiority.”  5/11/2017

I'd Rather Go To Hell for Telling the Truth

"Years would pass before I was able to love myself more than my church members, former pastors, and even God Supposedly loved me."   2/13/2014

You Are Not My Leader if You Don't Love Me

"You are not my leader if you don't love me.  But we don't love because some of us think love is apolitical."  2/14/2017






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